MJ The Flying Ears Beagle

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His wonderful life of pawsome doggy 

Hello my pawsome friends ! I’m MJ, a 3 years old beagle. I’m living in Toulouse with my two humans and best friends, Diana & Noam. 

Mommy and Daddy ? I love them so much that I follow them everywhere ! They always take me with them for walks, and there is no way that they go on holiday without me ! I’m also glued to them at home ! My hobbies ? Take a nap, chew my cuddle toys, jump on sofas, meet new friends and play with them, eat, but also explore the world.

As you can imagine, I’m a funny boy ! I get everything I want thanks to my little sad eyes that I handle perfectly. Especially when it comes to eat treats, dog food or even fruits, my humans just can’t resist ! And, if I had to choose my favorite food, I would say without any doubt, baaananaaas !!

When I’m not busy preparing your packages, I’m going to the park to have a break with my buddies. It also allowed me to do one of my favorite activity : sniff fresh grass the truffle sticked on the floor and ears in the wind. I have my little habits in several parks to meet so many different friends because I love all of them ! But, I must confess that I have a preference for my beagles buddies, even if I like dogs of all size, and all ages. Moreover, I have two loves in my neighborhood : Fendi, a Golden Retriever, and Gemma, a Chihuahua. I am a real lady-killer !! But you have to know that I charm humans too because I love to have some moments of complicity.

So, if you meet me, do not hesitate to cuddle me !

See you soon buddies !

Ears Up, MJ The Beagle

His Story 

Once upon the time, not so far away, on June 26, 2013, was born the sweetest, the funniest and the most beautiful beagle. It was such a beautiful day for us, Diana and Noam, his humans. We realized a dear dream this day when meeting MJ. We decided Immediately to create his own page on Instagram to post as many MJ’s photos as we wished. We just felt like sharing with other dogs owners our happiness and needed to get good education tips.

That was the first fruits, the starting point, the beginning of a great adventure which we couldn’t imagine. Indeed, as the months pass, we had the chance to welcome so many new MJ’s lovers. What a pleasure to read your daily sweet words, messages and comments complimenting our lovely doggy.

Then, we realized gradually that the photos of MJ we posted, gave the smile to our great community made of all sort of people, of all ages and from all over the world ! So, we decided to post more and more, some beautiful pictures, always more funny, while staying natural to create the real MJ’s daily dog life 2.0.

We also noticed that when MJ have his famous Flying Ears, the photos give you heartened, and a moment of happiness contemplating his soft ears fluttering.

Our little beagle born near Agen in the southwest of France, first became our MJ, our favorite version of Marilyn, and then MJ The Beagle for 130 000 lovers. And now, he’s the mascot of his own trendbrand.

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Ears Up !!! Diana, Noam et MJ

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