Our Pawtastic Artists

“Carrie, Corrie, Lauren and Shauna “

All these first names might not mean something to you, but believe us they mean quite a lot for us.

They are the nice names of the american talentuous artists who honoured us with their designs and added to our hapiness since the launching of Flying Ears. 

We discovered their créative world through the Instagram page of our mascot MJ. As they fell in love with its nice face, they just realized from of one of his photos a portrait of MJ, each one in her own style and feeling.

Besides being very fond of their creations, we had the pleasure to meet with three beautiful human beings who since then have taken off with us for a new great adventure.

It’s Worth knowing more about then, that’s why we prepared for you nice stories.

Carrie orange.jpg Carrie Krieger aka @CarrieDraws

Lauren orange.jpg Lauren Rogoff aka @WanderingLaur

Corrie Wessman Purple.jpg Corrie Wessman aka @CWdrawings

 Shaunna purple.jpg Shaunna Russell aka @WeekDayBest

Ears Up !!!

MJ le Beagle