Our concept 

Flying Ears is a decoration and lifestyle and accessories trending brand with visuals of animals and their beautiful Flying Ears. Pets and wild animals, The Joyful Gang of Flying Ears is waiting for you to take-off.

We had the idea of Flying Ears when we were looking for a canvas and a pillow with animals visuals to decorate our new home. During our research, we found some stuff with animals but we don’t have “the” crush. So, we decided to create our own decoration with MJ, our petstar, as the mascot, and the first model.

What pleases most about MJ, is his ears blowing in the wind ! The original concept was soon to come to our mind. Why not create a gang of animals, with MJ as their captain, which could fly with theirs beautiful flying ears. This Joyful Gang would take us on a trip to discover our wide world and all its riches.

For the launch, you will find our Mascot MJ announcing his arrival, but he’ll be soon joined by the rest of his Flying Gang ! And you must not forget that MJ likes travel and sharing. Here, that’s two values that we hold dear and that we wanted to find in The Flying Ears brand.

In a spirit of wide openness to the world, we wished our design to be made by artists coming from completely differents worlds, both in the diversity of their art and techniques (drawing, painting, photo inspiration…) , and by the diverty of their personalities. That is reflected in their interpretation of the mascot MJ. We give a theme to the artist whose their job is give their version of MJ with their own style, their own eyes , and add their personal touch. That’s why our designs are actually real works of art signed by the hand of artists from around the world.

“Rendez-vous” in September to discover our first decoration collection with beautiful pillows, original canvas and various lifestyle accessories. And for now, as summer is coming fast, we’ve decided to brighten it with our T-Shirts and Tote Bags.

Before presenting you this project, we wanted to improve it for a total satisfaction. We wished to find our dear values in the brand but also all we noted you loves on all MJ’s networks. So, we took the time, we loved it, changed it, and even presented it before several juries. First, TBSeeds, the business incubator of the Toulouse Business School which trusts us and accompanied us since the beginning of the project. We have also presented it before the ATALE Competition jury of Young Entrepreneurs. And they has awarded us the 1st prize for originality !

So, we hope that this long road will be used to shape a brand that will represent joy, travel, and sharing, and that will bring to you the little peps needed to your dailylife !

Our Team 


Even if college seems to be yesterday, I’m 27 years old ! Yes, time goes fast… I’m born in Toulouse and I’m still living in our beautiful pink city. I’m an Intellectual Property lawyer, but despite this, I promise I’m funny !

I’m an animal lover as long as I can remember. When I was a young girl, instead of watching cartoon, I got stuck for hours in front of animal documentaries. Moreover, my dream was to have my own zoo one day ! Then, I hope Flying Ears will become my virtual zoo ! Otherwise, I like singing in the shower, and eat candy !! Also, I like to give nicknames for anything, and everybody, even MJ ! He’s my puppy love, sweet doggy, and some many others in french…



I went to Law School and Business School. But it’s another passion what brought me today to develop this project. My hobby ? photograph the daily dog life of my fluffy boy, in front of beautiful landscapes during our trips, or just in Toulouse, my beautiful pink city.

If someone had told me years ago that my doggy love could be someday the most famous beagle in France on social media, I would have advised the people to calm down on Mojitos ! But, when I see all the good things that have happened since MJ came into our lives, and all the wonderful meeting and now this project, I want to say : I hope it stays that way !


MJ The Beagle

In fact, there’s a third partner in this adventure : MJ, our doggy and the mascot of our brand.

Not wanting to flood our respective social profiles with pictures of our puppy, we decided to create his own page on the famous network Instagram, but on others like Facebook, Twitter or Yummypets. Today, MJ have nearly 130 000 lovers worldwide ! His photos and videos have been seen by millions of people. One visual specifically buzzed on media : the one with the famous Flying Ears…