Shaunna Russell aka @WeekDayBest

Shaunna Russell alias @WeekDayBest

a super cool mom with an art habit !

She know that a stay at home mom isn't exactly a moving starving artist story. She do have a lot of passion and creativity in her. Her kids are her motivation and inspiration. And that’s because of starting her etsy shop she can stay a stay-at -home mom and help support their family. She always gravitated toward anything artistic growing up, both in school and then in collage. Her intent was to get into art restoration. Since then, she never thought that art would be such a major part of her life again. But here she is, enjoying herself and loving creating things for you.

We met Shaunna thanks to her portraying activity. While looking into Instagram, she was seduced by the nice face of MJ. The result is this beautiful, colorfull and realistic watercolor art of MJ, in his classic “i’m about to take a nap guys” face.

MJ The Beagle par Carrie Krieger / @CarrieDraws

A year later, when we decided to choose the artists we would love to have with us for the launching of Flying Ears, we immediately thpought of Shaunna, and she say YES ! MJ we asked her a few questions to know about her more, her life and work.

  • Can you introduce yourself? When did you start drawing?

Hello, I’m Shaunna Russell. I am from Buffalo, NY. I drew constantly since I was a child, in highschool and even some classes in college. It was something that I only enjoyed, but never thought to make a career out of it.

  • From what I've seen on your photos gallery, it seems obvious that your favorite subjects are animals and especially dogs. Can you tell me something about that?

I used to draw people as well, but I felt most comfortable painting animals, and bringing them “to life” on paper. It was something I felt comfortable painting and people seemed to really like it.

  • By the way, have you any pet? Dog, Cat, bunny, fish?

If Yes … Yes, I have a recue cat, an unusually affectionate and needy companion who is happy to sit perched on my shoulder. And a rescue dog, and pitbull/lab mix who was supposed to be put down, until a rescue organization fostered him. We got him at about 6 months, he is the most gentle companion to our 2 small children..


You want to know more about Corrie, please go to my blog to read the article i wrote about her. : Very soon !

Her creation is now on our T-Shirts and Totes !

anais-top-bag-3.jpgtshirt watercolour femme 3.jpgcaro-top-bag-.jpgcaro-top-bag.jpgcaro-top-bag-6.jpg

You can visit Shaunna online too and who knows, maybe leave her a sweet message on her social networks.


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