Corrie Wessman aka @CWdrawings

Coffee drinker, hammock lover and appreciator of fresh air & long drives through the country she loves enjoying time with the people she loves while eating delicious food ! Lets discover Corrie and her pawsome world !

While she has always been interested in the arts & creativity, it wasn't until her junior year of high school that she created her first pencil portrait. From there on, she was hooked ! She knew portrait making was her cup of tea.

The thing is, she has called dibs on the phrase "tongue in cheek". It is absolutely the perfect description for her drawings ! Her animal drawings include (but are not limited to) woodland creatures, funny farm animals, and custom pet portraits ! In her work, she seeks to have an understated final piece. She's crazy about simplicity and negative space, while also equally compelled to create a striking image. Oh, and a little dash of wit goes a long way in her book !

We’ve met Corrie online, on Instagram, the day she asked us if she could give us her interpretation of our sweet MJ. And the result was bluffing.

We feel in her drawing the need for simplicity, but with an impressive realism when it comes to portray MJ. It is true that beagles are very joyful dogs , and nonetheless as everyone they have a grumpy tendance. This drawing perfectly illustrates that ...

mj corrie old.jpg

When, a year later, we asked Corrie to collaborate with us for the launching of Flying Ears, we also asked her to propose an adaptation of her Works on the item of Flying Ears and we asked her a few questions to know about her more, her life and work.

Corrie Wessman Interviewed by MJ, our action reporter :

  • Can you introduce yourself to our friends ? Where do you come from ?

I’m from Chicagoland, born and raised in the south suburbs. I’m getting married this August and will soon be living in Indiana right off of Lake Michigan!

  • When did you start drawing ? Do you have any formal training ?

I started drawing when I was a young girl. Growing up, the only formal training I had was art class in school. When I got to college, I majored in art ( painting in particular ) and psychology. Although I pursued painting, my first love has always been to drawing.

  • From what I've seen on your photos gallery, it seems obvious that your favorite subjects are animals and especially dogs. Can you tell me something about that ?

I love drawing animals! My portrait drawings in the past have typically been people, but I ventured into the world of drawing animals about a year ago and haven’t looked back since. It is beyond fun. I love the freedom & creativity I have when drawing animals.


You want to know more about Corrie, please go to my blog to read the article i wrote about her. : Very soon !


Her creation is now on our T-Shirts and Totes !


You can visit Corrie online too and who knows, maybe leave her a sweet message on her social networks.


Ears Up !!!
MJ The beagle