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Lauren is a New Yorker who loves animals, painting, crafting, travel, and a good book. Her shop is called Wandering Laur because nothing thrills her more than traveling, exploring, learning, and, well, wandering. 

When she was a little girl, she loved animals and art so much that she used to tell anyone who asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up that she wanted to be a "veterinarian with pictures all over the walls," but ultimately, she'd rather wield a paintbrush than a scalpel.

Watercolors are her medium of choice. She thinks it allows her to best capture the expressions of her animal subjects, and getting that face, those eyes, or little ears or curl of tail, just right.

Many of the originals of the dog and cat prints in her shop currently hang in her father's animal hospital, in Rockaway Beach, New York. The hospital was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, and when it was rebuilt and reopened, she created watercolor paintings of her favorite breeds of dog and cat to adorn the new walls.

Whether hung singularly or in groups or rows, these unique paintings make wonderful gifts for nurseries, children's rooms, or to commemorate and honor a beloved pet. She hope her work brings as much cheer and warmth to her customers life as it does to her.

We met Lauren thanks to her portraying activity. While looking into Instagram, she was seduced by the nice face of MJ. The result is this beautiful aquarelle of MJ, with a proud ans slender position.

A year later, when we decided to choose  the artists we would love to have with us for the launching of Flying Ears, we immediately thpought of Lauren. Her interprétation of our  mascot MJ under the item of Sweet France is just crunchy. 

We took advantage of our contacts to ask Lauren to please tell us more about her, her life and her work.

Interview de Lauren Rogoff by MJ, our reporter :

  • Hello Lauren, first i want to know where do you come from ?

I’m from New York City – originally Queens, now Manhattan.

  •  When did you start drawing? Do you have any formal training?

I’ve been drawing and painting as long as I can remember of myself.  As the daughter of a veterinarian and an art dealer.  My passion for both painting and animals was established very early.  When I was a little girl, I loved animals and art so much that I used to tell anyone who asked me what I wanted to do as an adult,  that I wanted to be a "veterinarian with pictures all over the walls," but ultimately, I'd rather wield a paintbrush than a scalpel. I studied art and specifically watercolor a bit in high school and took a few classes in college but mostly learned techniques on my own

  • From what I've seen on your photos gallery, it seems obvious that your favorite subjects are animals and especially dogs. Can you tell me something about that?

Yes – pretty much every single drawing or painting I make has an animal in it. I grew up in a family that loved animals, and with my dad being a veterinarian, we had lots of pets (dogs, fish, birds, and now, a horse), and even now, when I travel, I often will seek out places where I can view the native wildlife, so different from the animals in New York (this inspired one of my most popular prints, “The Wildlife of New York City”).
For several years I mostly fell out of the practice of painting – I would occasionally sketch, but not with the same frequency I did when I was younger. But when my father’s animal hospital was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy in 2012, I created dozens of watercolors of my favorite pups and kittens to adorn the new walls when they rebuilt and reopened. It made me so happy to paint that I just never really stopped, and as requests started coming in for new animals and custom portraits, things took off from there.


You want to know more about Lauren, please go to my blog to read the article i wrote about her. : very soon ! 

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