Carrie Krieger aka @CarrieDraws

Carrie Krieger alias @CarrieDraws

Carrie is a regular girl with a strong passion for art ( and of course dogs ).

Originally from Massachusetts, she graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, majoring in both Art History and Studio Art. After leaving Colorado, Carrie went to work at a well-known Art Auction House in Manhattan for several years. There, she realized she wanted to create art rather than work behind it.

Carrie left the Art Auction House in the summer of 2014, and decided to work at a local wine shop, Vino Fine Wine and Spirits, near her apartment in New York City. She began drawing the owner's dogs for fun ( who are frequently at the store ). Clients of the upscale wine shop began to notice and inquire about commissions. Through this, Carrie pursued her passion and created an Instagram account ( @CarrieDraws ), dedicated to her dog portraits where she was quickly noticed. She now does commissions’ worldwide.

That’s how we met Carrie, on Instagram, the day she sent us an amazing drawing of MJ. You can judge it by yourself . We loved the simplicity of her drawing, MJ’s expression are so real and he look serious, grumpy and funny at the same time… And that’s just too cute.

MJ The Beagle par Carrie Krieger / @CarrieDraws

One year later, when we had to choose the artists we wanted to ask to join us for the launch of Flying Ears, we immediately thought of Carrie.
Her mission, in case she would agree, was to give us her interpretation of MJ The Flying Ears Beagle in an aviator style.

MJ ask some questions to Carrie to know a bit more about this pawtastic artist and her art.

  • Hello Carrie, can you introduce yourself to our friends ? 

I am originally from outside Boston, but currently I live in New York City.

  • When did you start drawing? Do you have any formal training ?

I have always loved drawing, even as a small kid, but I never imagined I could make a living from my art. I majored in Art History in College with a minor in Painting, but never really drew until years later..

  • From what I've seen on your photos gallery, it seems obvious that your favorite subjects are animals and especially dogs. Can you tell me something about that?

I’ve always been dog obsessed, and began drawing dogs I follow on Instagram. It all started as a fun past-time, but I began getting requests and reposts on Instagram which lead to CarrieDraws and many wonderful dog commissions from all over the world!


You want to know more about Carrie, please go to my blog to read the article i wrote about her. : Very soon !

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You can visit Carrie online too and who knows, maybe leave her a sweet message on her social network.


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MJ The Beagle